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Family Grown, Earth Harvested, Handmade With Love

Founded by 3 sisters in San Diego, Dirt Don't Hurt was grown out of a need to take small steps everyday to a more natural life.

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  • "Another step in our healthy self-care adventure. Thanks Dirt Don't Hurt Me, these products are amazing!"
    - @kunochimo
  • "Never thought I'd be this excited over toothpaste!! I found this all-natural powder toothpaste. I've been doing a lot of research on toothpaste and why it's important to switch over!! Thank you Dirt Don't Hurt for being so kind and for this eco-friendly toothbrush for my little one! 💕 If you guys got to the Hillcrest Farmer's Market, make sure to check them out!"
    - @oohsambam
  • "This stuff really works! Whitens naturally and feels dentist clean; who wouldn't want that!"
    - Rachael V.

Detox Soak + Scrub

Charcoal + Clay Mineral Mask